May 16, 2010

A sculpture portrait has the potential to exist forever… echoing the subject for centuries to come

Joseph,Brian and Internattionally aclaimed artist Marcel Kerkoff with the Portrait and Kerkoff’s self portrait      



Brian, Joseph and internationally aclaimed artist Marcel Piet-Hein Kerkhoff study Kerkhoffs portrait and self-portrait during a viewing of the collection.


The Collection              

Faces of the 21st century represents the renowned and acclaimed faces of our generation as well as the unsung members of society who effect our lives on a daily bases. The collection and sub-collections include individuals who have shown the potential to change and affect the local and world stage as well as those who have already made their impression on our generation.

The collection will offer future generations the rare and unique opportunity to look in the eyes of the past bringing to life in the third dimension the men and women who paved the way to tomorrow; giving scale and life to the portraits never realized by a photograph or painting. The collection is destined to become an important historical record of the first half of the coming century          




St.George Galleries       


                                                                                                                                                       Portrait Collection   

Joseph Landry  &   Brian Gazeley  

 In 2000 at the turn of the millennium we began a portrait collection of Faces of the 21st Century. The collection is a cross section of society with portraits representing Artists, Writers, Scholars, Scientist, Preformers, Politicians, Athilets and Humanitarians. Many have made a contribution to society others are included because of their potential to contribute to the world around us. The collection represents the talent and accomplishments of a generation. Each portrait sculpture represents the subject in a realistic pose often accompanied by a separate piece representing hands or feet at work. Each sculpture is displayed at the eye level of the subject with the hands or feet although separate placed at the appropriate position and height. Allowing the viewer to compare the subjects size and scale giving a since of life to the sculpture for the viewer.If you feel there is someone you know who we should include in the permanent portrait collection. Let us know the name contact information and reason this individual should be included. The permanent collection and its sub collections will continue to be added to until we are physically unable to continue sculpting. This collection will represent our life’s work a permanent tribute to the men and women who have helped to shape the 21st century. We will be pleased to answer any questions and explained he project in detail. We look forward to including you or someone you know in our collection: Faces of the 21st Century. Every positive force leaves a foot print on the Earth.

 Sincerely yours,                                                                                                                                                       

Joseph Landry R.H.

Brian Gazeley 

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May 5, 2010

Faces of the 21st Century

finishing touches on Elizabeth Taylor (Brian) sculpting David Letterman (Joseph)

Brian places finishing touches on a bronze Elizabeth Taylor,

while Joseph sculpts David Letterman. April 2008



Since 2000 “The Portrait Collection” has chosen men and women who represent their place in society as part of the Faces of the 21st Century Collection with 10 sculptures per year minimum. This years selections will be announced monthly;



Until the collection reaches its 150-piece size it will only be displayed in sub-collections of 25-50 pieces in galleries meeting our criteria. This project will continue as long as the artists are capable of producing the sculptures; a labor of love to last their lifetime.


Some question the choices and have their own ideas as to who should be included. That’s the beauty of such a project… it provokes thought and discussion bringing forward the accomplishments of a generation. We receive such a vast number of nominations it is truly impossible to say one outshines another. When the body of work over a lifetime makes it an indisputable choice for inclusion our job is easy, there are occupations and people we select that have proven difficult choices. How to say one individual best represents a field over another is sometimes subjective. We try to analyze the impact their story will have on future generations so that their portrait exists with a piece of their work that explains their impact on the news, events, social commentary or arts in today’s society.


We have completed a few sculptures posthumously yet each of these individuals was nominated and their sculpture began before their death. We try to choose representatives who can actively participate in the representation of their life we create.


Two of the selected sculpture each year will be from what we call the builders category, these are men and women who have achieved little or no lasting fame, yet have contributed to society on a local or national level such that their life, like a pebble in a pond, creates ripples that will have a lasting impact. From schoolteacher to local volunteers, an Internet celebrity, a carpenter building homes for Habitats for Humanity, these are people who are chosen to represent the best cross section of society.


We accept no payment or remuneration for inclusion, we ask that if you disagree with one of our choices you nominate another individual with details as to why they should be included. Once included, no piece will be removed from the collection for any reason. Once an individual has been included, their triumphs and tragedies are part of the fabric of their life.


When nominating an individual please include the reason for your nomination.


The builder’s category allows an individual the chance to shine with the luminaries of our generation. It is our belief that every voice has the ability to change the world.
The 2010 Unveiling of Portraits

 Senator John Buchanan speaking after Unvieling Portraits